Additional Charges

Terms & Conditions

The Pick Ups Online Terms & Conditions or Contract of Carriage is an agreement used generally in the transport industry in Australia. In short the agreement between Pick Ups Online, as the contactor and its customers declares that Pick Ups Online or its agents are not responsible for loss or damage to goods within its care. It is also agreed that service failures by either Pick Ups Online or its agents does not warrant any claim for loss including freight costs.


It is therefore the responsibility of the sender or owner of the good being transported to have their own insurance cover. Pick Ups Online has covered this gap and has cover up to $5000.00 for any one consignment (subject to our insurance terms & conditions and an excess applies).

Please take time to read the Terms & Conditions. Available from the links on the web site home page.
Order Deadline

Online orders need to be submitted by 1.00pm for most services. Subsequent orders for the day need to be completed by 2.00pm. This will insure the appropriate vehicle is allocated for your pick up in time for the afternoon.


The Local Courier service can be booked up until 4.00pm. Local Courier bookings after 4.00pm may have a surcharge applied to the cost.


For urgent consignments that may have missed the cut off time please contact Pick Ups Online – We will do what we can to provide an appropriate service.

Try to plan your despatch process and get your first order for the day in early. This way your pick up will be allocated on time.


If you have an unusually big day in deliveries let us know in advance.

Pick Up Times

All services except for Local Courier and some Freight Plus bookings have a pick up window between 1.30pm and 5.30pm. It is necessary to have a time window for pick ups because every day can be different in relation to bookings and freight volumes. A futile pick up fee may apply if freight is not ready or no one is there for the pick up.


The team at Pick Ups Online does understand that urgent deliveries do come up and that’s why we provide the CONNECT service.

If you have a special requirement contact Pick Ups Online. We will do our best to assist.
Driver Contact

Pick up and delivery drivers operate by either a run sheet or radio room instruction. They are under pressure to perform minimum pick up and deliver KPI’s. It is important that their performance meets certain standards otherwise rates would need to be significantly higher.


Drivers generally do not phone customers prior to pick ups or deliveries. When a booking is made it is the responsibility of the sender to insure someone is available for both pick up and delivery in business hours.

Transit Times

There is a transit time schedule link available from the web site home page. This schedule is a guide only and is currently applicable to Road Express & Bulk Freight only.


The transit time schedule is a guide only. Please allow for contingencies during freight transit. It’s a bit like getting home in peak hour – one issue can cause delays.

Don't oversell the fulfillment to your customer. Depending on the destination and estimated transit time allow an extra day or two for transit and communicate this to the receiver.

Service Failures

Just like any other business transport companies have to deal with issues that occasionally cause service failures.


About 50% of service failures are a result of sender or receiver issues. To minimise issues it is important that freight is labelled and addressed correctly, packaged adequately and dispatched on the most appropriate service.


The other 50% of service failures are a result of issues within the freight network and this is why all transport providers have customer service people.


Pick Ups Online is committed to providing superior customer service to industry standards. Please also see section on submitting a query.

The integrity of your freight and processes will help minimise service failures.


It is also important that the receiver has a clear understanding of what to expect - in both product and service.

Home Deliveries

Most freight companies do not service customers who send a substantial proportion of their goods to private addresses. The cost of delivering is too high and servicing this market has many potential problems.


Pick Ups Online services this market on a limited basis because we have a substantial business to business (B2B) customer base.


The majority of queries submitted to Pick Ups Online are in relation to home deliveries – even though this is a limited aspect of our business.


While we accept home deliveries within our system the freight is still being processed within a B2B environment. That means, without question, there needs to be someone to receive delivery during business hours.


If no one is at the delivery point when delivery is attempted (unless instruction is on consignment to leave without signature) a card is usually left with contact details of the freight company. A redelivery fee is usually charged and can vary depending on area and volume of freight for delivery.


As of 5th Jule 2010 a Residential Surcharge for pick ups and delivery will apply for the Road Express service.


Please note that our transit time schedule is not relevant to home deliveries.


If you require a scheduled delivery please refer to our CONNECT service.

Try to obtain a business address for delivery.

Deliveries to PO Boxes

The only service we offer that can deliver to PO Boxes is National air Courier and 3kg & 5kg.

Submitting Query

There is a link under the service icon on the home page. This link to the carrier web site for tracking. Please use the Consignment note number for tracking. Some services do not have adequate online tracking and there will not be a link to those carriers. In this case see below.


Alternatively you can email or give us a call.

Additional Charges

There are many circumstances where a freight or courier company incur costs outside of their control and in some cases impossible to know in advance. Our terms and condition specify that the sender or Pick Ups Online customer is responsible for payment of any additional charges passed on. Some of these include but is not limited to: incorrect declared freight dimensions or weight on consignment note; redelivery fee; hand unload charge; return costs due to no fault of the freight company; waiting time; return surcharge; storage; any other charged deemed to be caused by either the sender or receiver.


If the extra charge seems to be unfair Pick Ups Online will request a credit from the supplier, with explanation, and pass that on if approved.

While Pick Ups Online is there to assist we have little control over the despatch processes and therefore the sender needs to be proficient in that aspect of distribution.


If you are sending to a new customer ask them some questions that may affect the delivery prior to sending.

For example if you are sending a pallet and the receiver address looks like it may be residential ask how it is going to be unloaded.

Return Freight

Freight that is either being returned to the customer or is a third party consignment (not being sent or received by customer) incurs a $10 surcharge.


Pick Ups Online consignments are printed on a specific label that is accepted by the freight companies we use. If the sender does not have these labels we need to arrange an appropriate consignment note and make sure the sender is available for pick up. While we offer this service it does take more time and other costs are involved.

When making a return or third party booking please supply sender contact name, phone and email address. This will minimise delays in getting freight picked up.


It's also a good idea that the sender is aware that there is transport being organised - this problem is more common than one would expect.

Dangerous Goods

The Pick Ups Online booking system does not handle Dangerous Goods consignment note compliance. If a consignment is going to contain DG's please contact Pick Ups Online and we will do our best to allocate the consignment to an appropriate freight company with the appropriate paperwork.

Your Invoice

Invoices are generated once a week, usually on Monday and emailed. The invoice will relate to the previous weeks orders if they have been despatched. The invoice includes basic details about the consignment including date, order number, receiver suburb, charge weight if applicable, sender reference, service, number of items and charge.

Invoice data is generated via the web site and therefore does not have consignment note number. Please retain your order number when order is submitted.

Please note we do not invoice based on the delivery date - invoices are sent the week following the order being placed.