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Our Local Courier Service

Our Local Courier Service is a point-to-point service that provides deliveries within Metropolitan areas within three hours. From envelopes to pallets Pick Ups Online will complete your delivery and assist you in providing your customers with an efficient and reliable service.

Local Courier – 3 hour service up to 25 KG (size – will it fit on the front seat of a car?). The longest dimension of the item can not be more than 40cm.

Local Courier Half Tonne – 3 hour service van or tray up to half tonne. Maximum dead weight 500kg. Maximum volume 2 cubic metres. Maximum length 1.2 metres.

Local Courier One Tonne – 3 hour service van or tray up to one tonne. Maximum dead weight 1000kg. Maximum volume 4 cubic metres. Maximum length 2.6 metres.

For security reasons ID may be required at pick up therefore goods may not be left unattended. A futile pick up fee may apply if this occurs.

The cost of delivery is available (Melbourne – other capitals will be quoted at this stage) by going to the rates button. There is a freight cost calculator button on that page. If a price is not available your request is probably outside the areas covered by this service. For those odd occasions where a delivery is required outside our delivery area either look at our Express or Bulk Freight Service or email for a quote.

For large same-day shipments within the Metropolitan Area that may require a Taxi Truck contact Pick Ups Online for a quote.

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